Mausoleums and Grave Stone Markers

With our knowledge and experience building mausoleums, we are able to offer you that service from here in Charlotte County for local structures as well as nationwide.


A mausoleum is a free-standing building constructed as a monument that includes inside interment space (or burial chamber) for one or more people. A mausoleum can be a simple structure or it can be as grand and noteworthy as the Taj Mahal. With our knowledge, we can help you navigate the building codes in your area that need to be met and building decisions to help you create an eternal memorial anywhere in the country.

Do you need help with headstones, tombstones and grave markers? Please ask!

We can help you understand the vast choices available – and even help you with ordering, the engraving and setting the stone – anywhere in the country! Come to Charlotte Memorial for trusted, local advice and service. Contact us here.