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The reasons for preferring cremation are varied. To some, it is a more natural process than burial. Others have environmental concerns. Charlotte Memorial provides information along with continued care and assistance before, during and after your loss. Our caring team will guide you and your family to make the most fitting decisions. We are sensitive to your budget, and in the way you would like to be remembered. Our caring team is ready to help you with your cremation decisions and answer all your questions.

Contact Us For Cremation Information

Please feel free to call us at (941) 639-1171. We can assist with cremation options, providing you and your family with the information and time to consider all the choices and benefits.

Cremation Offers You Many Options

Most people are unaware of the options available for cremation services:

  • Choice in type of gathering: What type of service, and where will it be held?

  • Choice in final disposition: What type of container, and final resting place?

  • Choice in memorialization: What type of memorial, and where will it be displayed?

These represent the most often requested options, but there are certainly more. Remember that with cremation, you have all the choices you have with burial.

Choice in Memorialization

Traditionally, memorialization has taken the form of a monument or marker in a cemetery. Cremation memorialization offers additional choices of plaques on a memorial, grave, niche, or even a tree or bench at the cemetery or memorial park. The memorial can be adorned with custom artwork, a loving phrase or a meaningful eulogy.

Cremation Assistance

Charlotte Memorial has been helping families with one of the most difficult times in their lives since 1959. We are here to help you and your family, whether it is with creating a meaningful ceremony encompassing burial, cremation or entombment preferences or a simple or direct cremation or burial service. Your wishes may be accomplished prior to death through planning those arrangements in advance or at the time your loved one's death occurs.

Ultimately, the only thing that matters is that you and your family are pleased with your decisions. We hope this has helped in some way by showing you the variety of options available. Please feel free to call us at (941) 639-1171, we can assist with pre-planning funeral options, providing you and your family with the information and time to consider all the choices and benefits.