Choosing Cremation in Placida

Traditional burials in Placida sometimes need to be made quickly. In many cases, this adds to the  emotional stress that loved ones already feel. The funeral, wake, and burial need to be done in a certain amount of time, along with notifying friends and family. It can be very easy to leave out important details that the deceased may have wanted.

When you choose cremation, you have plenty of time to schedule a service, choose an urn and decide on the final disposition of the remains. Special touches can be added  because you will have the opportunity to think about how you truly want to honor the life of your deceased loved one.

In addition, Cremation is a much more earth-friendly option and can be more personal.
Remember, funerals are to support the living in their grief and loss. A proper memorial service lays the foundation for the healing to begin, just like a wedding provides a platform of support to a couple for life. Choosing cremation can definitely be easier. You have the freedom of time on your side and don’t have to feel rushed. You have the time to involve family members in the planning process and create a memorable experience that will showcase a life well lived.

For the ceremony, you can provide memorial folders or prayer cards and custom programs that follow the services and can be saved as a memory keepsake. Large photos, custom blankets, and a video tribute can add to the memorial service. Tree seedlings or seeds that can be taken home and planted in memory will continue the circle of life.

Choosing Cremation in Placida can be an exciting and beautiful way to celebrate the deceased. It provides an opportunity for the departed to bring together those that they leave behind and those whose lives they touched most.

The warm-hearted and professional services at Charlotte Memorial include transfer of the deceased to our funeral home, funeral counseling, necessary arrangements and  recording vital statistics. Also included are the securing of permits, filing and obtaining death certificates and other forms and claims and the preparation of necessary notices.  The coordination of service plans with parties involved in the final disposition of the deceased, an alternative cremation container and the actual process of performing the cremation are handled as well.

Charlotte Memorial Funeral Home, Cemetery and Crematory is the perfect setting where families and friends can celebrate life. If you live in Placida, Contact us today to learn more about our cremation services.